Welcome to Barking Beauty

Barking Beauty is a mobile dog grooming service offered in the Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester areas of Dorset, UK.

Mobile dog grooming is great for busy owners...

Because I am mobile it means that you can avoid the hastle of taking the dog in the car to a groomer leaving you to relax.

I offer services for:

  • Clipping
  • Hand stripping
  • Washing and Drying
  • De-matting
  • Cleansing ears
  • Nail clipping

Professional care for your pet, on your doorstep

Mobile pet grooming is the way forward to having your pet groomed and is gaining popularity fast because of its convenience for busy dog owners.
When the groomer comes to you it is a totally different experience for the dog. No more leaving the dog at a shop for several hours stuck in a cage and surrounded by noises and other barking dogs.
There is no stress or mess with having a mobile dog groomer. I come to your house with my clean, heated, fully equipped dog grooming van. I bring my own water, towels and grooming equipment and carry out all grooming procedures in the van. All I ask of you is to plug me in!